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Pharmacy and Gardens toast Anton Swords new release "City of Oblivion"
Thursday, February 25, 2010
258 Wythe Avenue
22:45       Free

Anton Sword has just released a new CD titled "City of Oblivion," with Kristofer Widholm on guitar. As a tribute to Anton's work, Pharmacy and Gardens will play a dash of songs just before his set, and will also play guitar with his band. Info follows: It's 2 am and I just decided to dare 3 rickety songs to come alive as an aperitif, if you will, for Anton Swords record release party at Zebulon, Thursday, Feb 25. I'll probably be foaming at the mouth around 10:50pm. I will also be playing guitar-sideman for Anton's band. Please join in celebrating Anton's fastidious, misanthropic, and lovely music. There are some great songs on this album! Also on the bill is the magnetic Kristin Mueller and the quizzical chamber pop of The Snow (do not miss David Spinley on clarinet. Wow!) Info: Who & When: 9 pm Kristin Mueller 10 pm The Snow 11 pm Anton Sword & The We OursÃPharmacy & Gardens at The Small Beast
Monday, November 30, 2009
The Delancey
168 Delancey St.
20:30       Free

Pharmacy & Gardens will be performing a short and sweet set Monday night at The Small Beast.

After 5 years of continental living, a quasi-original incarnation of Dana Schechter's uniquely wonderful band makes it's only New York appearance at the Small Beast. Those of you who remember need no introduction. For the rest of you, I could write a book, but just come hear for yourselves on Monday. I couldn't think of two more apt artists to make a Bee & Flower sandwich than Pharmacy & Gardens and Lynn Wright, doing double duty as B & F's guitarist and fronting his own terrific combo. And we might even have an extra super special surprise guest. See you monday. With love... Paul Wallfisch

SMALL BEAST #45 MONDAY, NOV. 30 The Delancey
Music from 8:00! NO COVER 2 for 1 drinks all night

8:00 PHARMACY & GARDENS the moniker chosen by ex-Morix Optimo mastermind Kristofer Widholm as his solo alias. As the name implies, his rich vocals and evocative guitar playing could inspire healing and growth...

8:45 PAUL WALLFISCH ...will not be playing the accordion at this show. But here he is, doing it in Cologne, Germany.

9:15 AND THE WIREMEN Somehow both etherially delicate and provocatively course, ex James Hall axe slinger Lynn Wright's songs, abetted by the magnificent trumpet playing of Paul Watson, (Sparklehorse), are a unique treat.

10:15 BEE & FLOWER Having relocated from New York to Berlin, Bee and Flower's second album sees the band benefiting from the change of scene. Reminiscent at times of Low and Cat Power, but more European than either, the most obvious reference point for the band now is Nico. Dana SchechterâPharmacy & Gardens at Small Beast, Delancey Lounge
Monday, June 22, 2009
The Delancey
168 Delancey St.
23:00       Free

After 7 years silence, an attempt. Pharmacy and Gardens, a short set at 23:00. Do not miss the host Paul Wallfisch at 8:30, the fabulous Marni Rice, or The Snow, all fantastically spooky and lovely to sip a drink to with a loved many. Small Beast is a new music salon curated and hosted by singer/pianist Paul Wallfisch at the Delancey Club in Manhattan. In the intimate and elegant environment of the Delancey's main-floor back room, Small Beast will present an eclectic mix of the world's most creative performers and songwriters.A Night of Simple Pleasures at Pete's Candy Store
Monday, February 2, 2004
Pete's Candy Store
709 Lorimer Street
21:00       Donations

Come join Pharmacy and Gardens and friends for an intimate evening in the beautiful back space of Pete's Candy Store. This will be a low key evening featuring the country joy of Yuri and Dan, the melancholy romanticism of Pharmacy and Gardens, and the explorative Americana of Lyndon Roeller. Bring your friends. Relax. Sit and take in some songs.

20:00 The Gregonovic Family Singers (Yuri Weber and Daniel Philips)
21:00 Pharmacy and Gardens (Kristofer Widholm)
22:00 Lyndon Roeller

Pharmacy and Gardens
Saturday, December 22, 2001
CB's Gallery
313 Bowery (Between Bleecker St. & 2nd Street)
21:00       $6

First gig in New York since the summer tour of Switzerland. New songs, and a shattered spirit.

Pharmacy and Gardens. Our medicines are as varied as our ailments. There is a wealth of each, intricately bound to each other.

The Pharmacy and Gardens EP
Sounds like this:
All songs ©1996—2001, Broken Hill Music. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

You can buy this beautiful album via PayPal for the low price of just $9, plus $2 shipping and fondling.

Pharmacy and Gardens EP cover

Whosoever Shall Lean on Me, I Will Hide
Text and music by Kristofer Widholm

The interiorized Rousseauian self decides this might be good as a first song for an album. The other selves disagree (of course) , but can't really argue with it. And then Jesus comes.

Kristofer Widholm: vocals, guitar, electronics
Recorded by Shahzad Ismaily.

Come and Going
Text and music by Kristofer Widholm

A very slowly opening morning. Michael Hart-Vanhouten played the bass and the beautiful drum track.

Kristofer Widholm: vocals, guitars, effects.
Michael Vanhouten: bass, drums

Ray's Cave
Text and music by Kristofer Widholm

He is the superintendent of a Lower East Side building. He wears cowboy shirts and boots. From his kitchen, he is digging a tunnel underneath Manhattan. Includes a sample of Marlene Dietrich singing "Lili Marlene."

Kristofer Widholm: vocals, guitar, dissonant piano.


Text and music by Kristofer Widholm

Performances, ringworms, kisses and alcohol mingled into something ephemeral that still manages to make my heart sick.

Kristofer Widholm: vocals, guitars, bass, drums

Murder in the Stove
Text and music by Kristofer Widholm

Regret as goofy as you can get, yet still regret.

Kristofer Widholm: poorly played drums, poorly played mandolin, guitars, vocals.

Text and music by Kristofer Widholm

In the alchemy of grieving, glyphs and symbols can help keep track of what you're mixing together. Just be sure to hide your notebooks from the authorirites.

Kristofer Widholm: vocals, guitars
Shahzad Ismaily: keyboards, percussion
Recorded by Shahzad Ismaily


Diogenes's Lantern© 1996–2001, Broken Hill Music
Produced by Kristofer Widholm and Broken Hill Music.
Recorded at Broken Hill Music studio Roland, Brooklyn New York.

Thanks to: Roman Elsener, Peter Beyer, Michael Vanhouten, and Shahzad Ismaily, for help and encouragement. Cover photo by Philippa Kaye.